Sports in Visayas State University

     Playing sports is one of the common activities people do to enjoy, stay healthy, and interact with other people. The 1,099.4-hectare University overlooking the Camotes Sea and a beautiful view of Mt. Pangasugan host many sports facilities such as basketball courts and ovals.

     Many Viscans participate in sports activities; some for training and preparation for upcoming tournaments, some for hanging out with friends, and some for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Lower VSU Campus offers basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and the Lower VSU Campus Oval which are accessible to the students staying in dormitories located in the Lower VSU Campus. The Sports facilities in the Lower VSU Campus are near other facilities such as the Apartelle, VSU Beach Garden, Bahay Alumni, VSU Hospital, and the house that sells VSU Students favorite Buko Pie. The Upper VSU Campus also offers sports facilities which includes basketball courts, sepak takraw courts, and the larger Upper VSU Campus Oval where students can also play softball, frisbee, soccer, and baseball. The IHK or the Institute of Human Kinetics is in the Upper VSU Campus, the department by which MAPEH teachers teach students subjects related to MAPEH. There is also a fitness center (health club) located in the IHK building. The abundance of these sports facilities in the university allow students to play at the same time and not wait for their turn to play. The University has a gymnasium located beside the Upper VSU Campus Oval. The University hosts event such as the college-wide Intramurals which include the Senior High School, Fun-Run, and many more sports events. The wide area of VSU allows people to jog around and ride bicycles around the campus freely to enjoy the sceneries and to keep being fit and healthy. The Name of the Visayas State University Varsity Team is the VSU Pythons

     With these much facilities and a wide area for jogging and riding a bicycle, it is no wonder why many Viscans participate in sports activities. VSU truly is a university for those who love and which to participate and indulge in sports.

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