Life in a Book


Everyday, we are writing a chapter in our book that is called Life. Our life is composed of different stories, genres, and plots. Currently, we students, are on the rising action part of the story of our life. We are yet to see the climax of our lives we call adulthood. Education is simply a boost for us to manage our lives better when we are to experience the climatic events in our lives.

As I am writing todays chapter, I happen to think about the arcs and the sagas in my life. I am in that current point in my book where emotions are the key figures in making my life interesting. Happines, Pain, Joy, Despair, Love… I could say that my life is really complicated.

As for now, I am to continue writing my book; my life. It seems that some key characters in my current story are gonna leave in my life, people come and go. In my story, I will face the new era. I will face the new truth. Here I am right now, preparing for what is to come.


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  1. Lisa Meister says:

    Deep on so many levels. Good job!

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