What is Pain?


Why are we really afraid to experience pain? We have to experience it at some point in life.

You cannot escape pain, pain is inevitable. Why do we have to delay the absolute outcome when we know that it is to come?

Yet I struggle finding ways to express myself,without hurting myself or others. Am I really a vessel of suffering? Hear my cry, I want the pain to end.

Pain is such a complicated word, it has different meanings. But one thing I know is that pain hurts so bad, how I ever wish to take away all of your pain

But pain is necessary in life, it is needed to maintain the balance between positive and negative. I will gladly take on the pain, if it means to experience happiness. Until now I ask, what is pain?


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  1. A good question. There are many forms of pain, physical, emotional, mental pain… pain we inflict on our selves, pain we inflict on others. But I think as you said, that it is a part of life and if we accept it and embrace it (without becoming masochist) it might hurt less than we thought it would. However, the more open, bolder and unafraid we are, the less pain we will experience.
    have a great week,

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  2. Lisa Meister says:

    Good question to be raised. It certainly is rhetorical. Life certainly is pain but some have it to the extreme. All I know is that pain came in when sin entered the world. So I follow God regardless of the pain level. I know God loves us and is with us no matter what. I hold onto that through the pain.

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  3. janinepitogo says:

    Yes it is a good question. Lol *zip mouth* *nosebleed* *hemorrhage *

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