About Love at first sight


Is it really necessary that you should love a person at first sight to keep your love last longer? People always talk about love at first sight and say that it really is a wonderful thing. Somehow, I do not believe you cannot love a person at first sight.

It took me a long time to love a person. You can only truly love a person if you love every aspect in that person, by that I mean is getting to know someone better. It takes understanding.

So don’t get bummed out on why your love was not on first sight, what matters is you love her in every way and in every thing.


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  1. I don’t think love at first sight exists. Lust at first sight, perhaps. But not love. It takes a while to build. I’m not even sure if I loved my wife until after we were married.

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    1. HighKnightJS says:

      Agreed, love isn’t something that magically appears just after you saw someone.

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